cy·ber·net·ics /ˌsībər'nediks/

: the science of communication and control theory concerned with automatic control systems in both machines and living things. This is the foundation for all robotics, automation and AI technologies.

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Pioneering investments in robotics, automation and AI

Cybernetix Ventures

From the robotics community,
by robotics leaders,
for robotics innovators

Investing in pre-seed, seed and series A startups

Exceptional network of
executives, suppliers, customers, manufacturers, acquirers and growth investors

technology and vertical markets expertise

operations and business value creation

A market-driven

Approach to robotics, automation and AI

Advanced Manufacturing composite image
Advanced Manufacturing
Robot working in a logistics and warehouse environment
Logistics & Warehousing
Robot helping an engineer for in architecture, engineering and construction industries
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Two colleagues test wearable robotic technology for healthcare
Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Cloud Robotics
  • Robotics Cybersecurity
  • Autonomy
  • Sensors / Edge Computing
We Invest In

Passionate, relentless,
market-driven founders.

Two colleagues use robotic technology for generating safe robot motion plans in micro-seconds
A MassRobotics graduate, Series A stage company enabling multi robot seamless “realtime” collaboration in complex manufacturing and logistics applications.
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Aerial view of a landscape with Airworks technology overlay
An MIT spinout, Seed stage AI/ML company that converts aerial mapping data directly to CAD drawings that accelerates and improves the GIS mapping and the construction site survey process
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Two scientists looking at Crosscope's medical AI software
A Stanford spinout and Techstars graduate, Pre-seed stage medical AI software company developing a deep learning platform for pathologists to speed up diagnosis and deliver data-driven insights for a more accurate and reliable cancer diagnosis
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Rugged Robotics small autonomous vehicle at a site
A Houston-based Series A, robotics construction technology company that delivers high accuracy field layouts on commercial construction sites
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Car interior composite Imperium's driverless car technology
A UK-based, autonomy company that is delivering a tele-operated car hailing service with initial deployments in the UK and soon to be piloted in the US.
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Hand showcasing Imago's wearable robotics
A Harvard Biodesign Lab spinout that enables superior recovery outcomes for stroke survivors through a combination of home-use robotics and digital health services.
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Our Team

Fady Saad's headshot

Fady Saad
General Partner

Co-founder of MassRobotics
Mark Martin's headshot

Mark Martin
General Partner

Former VP of Analog Devices
Sasha Jostrom-Reiser's headshot

Sasha Jostrom-Reiser

Former Principal at Alumni Ventures Group (AVG)
Helen Greiner's headshot

Helen Greiner, Advisor

Co-Founder of iRobot, CEO, Tertill
Steve Ricci's headshot

Steve Ricci, Sr. Advisor

Former Partner, Flagship Ventures
Peter Wurman's headshot

Peter Wurman, Advisor

Co-founder/CTO, Kiva (Amazon Robotics)
Rick Faulk's headshot

Rick Faulk, Advisor

CEO, Locus Robotics
Elaine Chen's headshot

Elaine Chen, Advisor

Director, Derby Entrepreneurship
Center at Tufts University
Amar Sawhney's headshot

Amar Sawhney, Advisor

Healthcare & Med Devices Serial Entrepreneur
Dennis Clarke's headshot

Dennis Clarke, Advisor

Chairman & CEO, Cummings Properties

Our core team has technology, entrepreneurial, market and investing experience.

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