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Cambrian Robotics

Cambrian, with its headquarters in London and additional offices in Augsburg, Germany, develops and sells AI-based vision technology for collaborative and industrial robot arms. Cambrian Robotics empowers manufacturers to automate a broad spectrum of tasks, particularly those in advanced manufacturing and quality assurance that demand high precision and accuracy within dynamic environments.

Cambrian’s powerful AI-driven robotic vision software and camera hardware enables existing robotics solutions to achieve a new level of complex automation for tasks that previously were only possible with manual methods. With Cambrian, robots can execute tasks like intricate assembly processes, bin picking, kitting, and pick-and-place with unmatched accuracy in any lighting condition– a true breakthrough compared to current industry-leading AI vision capabilities. Cambrian is quick to install (~0.5 days), works with all major industrial robots, and has the ability to pick microparts precisely and quickly (<200ms). Cambrian’s solution is unique in that it can pick a wide range of parts, including transparent, plastic, and shiny metal. The Cambrian solution is also being deployed by appliance manufacturers globally for monitoring quality assurance and manufacturing defects that were previously unseen to the human eye.

Investment Details

  • Stage Seed+
  • Industry Type Manufacturing
  • Robotic Technology Type Machine Vision
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